Quit Trying to Be Normal Just Be Yourself

be yourself Aug 14, 2019

Normal? Is anyone really ordinary? No way!

In vogue, time-honored, conventional, traditional, customary? Screw that manner of speaking!

Normal is not what you are meant to be. You are meant to be you and nobody else.


It is your uniqueness that will attract others to you.


I am a straightforward tell it like it is goofball. I could not act any other way if I tried. I hope that comes through in my writing on these blog posts.

If I wrote in a manner that was not really myself I would be doing you, my audience a big disservice. You would not be able to see and relate to the real me.



When a person is authentic and genuine, you tend to embrace their message and take what they have to say to heart.

My purpose here is to help tens of thousands of people to become motivated and inspired to reach their goals and dreams.

If I acted “Normal” and tried to be something I was not, my message would not be as impactful for you.


Don’t use smoke and mirrors to try to hide the real you.


People will see through it. Besides that, we all know that smoke is bad for your health. And breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck, so you don’t want to be carrying one of those suckers around with you.

Don’t try to be like everybody else. Just be the bonafide, authentic, true to life amazing person that you are. That is what people love about you.

Okay my unique friend, now is the time to go kick some butt!


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