Stop Playing Small Go All In On Life

motivation Jan 02, 2019

How are you playing the game of life? Are you playing small or going all out?

For many years, I was playing it safe. Working the 8 to 5 job like everybody told me to. (Does anyone really work 9 to 5? When do they eat lunch?)

I was accepting far less than life was willing to give.


I was playing small to avoid rejection and failure!


The great thing about life is that it will usually gives you what you ask for. The problem was, I was not asking for enough. Ask for little, you receive little.

This sort of life was unfulfilling and stressful.

Long story short, I started to play the game with all my chess pieces. Pawns were not enough anymore. I decided to go all out and bring in kings, queens, knights and bishops.

I started my own business and began to follow my life path. I was no longer willing to accept less from life.


I decided to ask for much more!


If you are already playing large, that’s amazing! Stay on your path and continue to soak up life. If you have been playing small, I encourage you to up your game. You will never regret living life on your terms!

Play large my friends and go kick some butt!!


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