Glossary of Kick In The Butt Terminology

Have you watched one of my videos, or listened to a Podcast and heard me say: “Foot on the Wheel Event”, “Motivation Equation” or “Plodding in Perfection” and had no idea what I was talking about?

Well I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll describe this Kick in the Butt Motivation lingo.

 Pay close attention to these terms. I created them to help paint a picture in your mind. We think in images, and I have brought these important concepts to life by giving them catchy, imagination awakening names.

 In other words, stuff you are going to remember and implement!

 Let’s Get Started


“Butt Kickers”: Anyone who is making a positive change in the world and their life. Since you are here, I’m sure that you are indeed a Butt Kicker!


“Foot on the Wheel Event”: These "Events" are the tiny little things you do to distract yourself while working on a challenging goal or task.

 Here are a few of the things that got me spinning in the past:

Checking my email.

Responding to text messages.

Spending time on social media.

Surfing the Internet and wasting time on various websites.

Creating busy work

 These distractions get you started on the “Procrastination Merry-Go-Round”


“Procrastination Merry-Go-Round”: A series of distractions and unnecessary tasks that you engage in to delay working on important, but challenging goals or tasks.


“Motivation Equation”: The daily steps you take, and habits you create to keep yourself motivated even if you feel tired, overwhelmed or uninspired.


“Overwhelm Turtling”: What happens when you are so overwhelmed by a task that you just give up and don’t do anything.


“Vampire at Dawn Goal”: You need to be as motivated to achieve your goal as a vampire is to find shelter at dawn.

A vampire’s motivation for shelter is a life or death situation. If she makes it to a haven by dawn, all is good. If she is just one second late, she will be vaporized.

You probably won’t be vaporized if you don’t reach your goal, but if you ran down your goal with this sort of motivation, you would be unstoppable!


“Knowledge Hoarder”: A person who gathers information, but never puts it to use.

Soaking up new knowledge is great. The problem is, most of us don’t implement what we learn. Knowledge not put to use usually leads to overwhelm and then procrastination.


“Swimming in the Setback Cesspool”: This is when you are constantly thinking about and reliving your setbacks and failures.

These “perceived” bad events are necessary for growth. Learn from them, then let them go. You can’t change the past. Relive your victories, not your setbacks.


“Plodding in Perfection”: This is when you flounder, lumber and trudge through a goal or task because you are “Trying” to make it perfect.

Perfection is a myth and does not exist! Just do your best, because your best is enough. You can always adjust in the future. Remember, you can’t edit a blank page. Start, finish, then adjust. Progress motivates! Plodding in perfection leads to procrastination.


“Stand on Your Head Perspective”: Some tasks, challenges and goals require inspection from a different point of view. Especially when you have hit a roadblock or are experiencing a brain freeze.

For every goal that I start, I make a list of to do and NOT to do items. Knowing what you should not be doing is even more important than what you should be doing. Wasting time on unnecessary tasks is sure to stop your momentum ball dead in its tracks.

Many times, these 180 perspectives can be truly eye-opening!


“Focus Funnel”: This is when you fine tune your focus on positive empowering thoughts, questions and solutions.

Turn the spotlight on your end result and your “Reason Why”!


I'm always adding new butt kicking terminology, and will be including it on this list. So be sure to check back often.