My Story

How one simple yet heart-wrenching question from my son, changed my life!

Hello, my name is Doug Golinski. Do you know how most people know what needs to be done, but often struggle with getting themselves to do it?

Well what I do is give online entrepreneurs a motivational kick in the butt and show them how to achieve their goals, stay organized and live a fulfilling productive life.

I used to struggle to stay motivated and focused myself.


I kept jumping on board the procrastination merry-go-round. I knew what to do, but just couldn't get myself to take action.

I peed away countless opportunities, wasted hundreds of hours and spent thousands of dollars, but I still had little to show for it.

Then one day everything changed when my son asked this simple yet heart-wrenching question.


"Dad, did you finish your blog today"?

A lump quickly developed in my throat. I had to look the other way. I couldn't bear to see the look in his eyes when I gave him the answer.

"No buddy it's not done yet, but it will be soon".

He smiled and said: "I'm sure you'll finish it tomorrow".

And of course, I replied: "Yes I will"!

I knew this was probably a lie...


Because I was working on this blog for months and not making any real progress. This fib made my heart sink in my chest.

I felt like I was forced to walk the plank with a 100-pound weight strapped around my ankle. I had hit a new low and was sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

I couldn't keep deceiving my son. I had to make a change and I had to make it now!


Why was this happening to me? I have been studying personal development and success since I was a teenager. I read hundreds of books, took dozens of courses and was still not able to motivate myself to get started on challenging tasks.

At first it made no sense to me, because I owned a successful local bricks and mortar business for over 15 years. I knew how to get things done!

Then the aha moment hit me!


I was now a work from home entrepreneur, and there is a big difference between working out of a corporate office and working from home.


Traditional self-help techniques are not working for most work from home entrepreneurs.


Working from home is a completely different animal than working from the office.

There are de-motivators and distractions all around you and it's much easier to give into them when you are your own boss.


The Procrastination Merry-Go-Round


My next big discovery was that the learning curve was a major foot on the "procrastination wheel" event for me. The thought of learning how to build an entire blog was causing me to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

 Looking at the "big picture" of blog creation was creating a learning curve roadblock for me. I needed a website that would load fast, an autoresponder service and a blog theme that looked professional.

 To get traffic to my blog I would need to create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other popular social media sites. Without a traffic creation plan, no one would even see my site.


Wholly crap! I didn't even know where to start!


Getting the momentum ball rolling is the hardest part. When you are first learning a new task or skill, it can feel very daunting. I learned this the hard way when I started to build my blog.

 I had no clue what I was doing, and I was getting very frustrated. So, I started perusing the Internet looking for videos or articles that could help speed up this process.


There had to be some secret that I was missing!


I couldn't stay focused on one task long enough to complete it. Finishing that first task, would have started the ball rolling. It would have given me the momentum that I so badly needed.

 Unfortunately, I just continued this daily cycle of looking for more articles and watching more videos. Before I knew it, I was a theoretical expert on creating a blog. But was I really any closer to mastering it? Sadly, the answer was no.


Knowledge is only powerful if you actually put it to use!


I learned that the only way to make real progress on my goal was to get down and dirty and start doing what I learned.

 Setbacks are inevitable when you are learning a new skill. The only way to keep procrastination at bay is to accept this fact and continue to work on the task until it is completed. Don't get sidetracked on something that is more manageable.

 At first this was easier said than done. I lacked focus. I chose to work on unrelated tasks that were not bringing me any closer to accomplishing my goal.

 I thought that doing busy work meant that I was accomplishing something meaningful.

 I was terribly mistaken!


Don't work on step 2 until step 1 is completed.


I was having problems working with the WordPress blog theme and making it look the way I wanted. This quickly caused procrastination to strike.

 I figured that since I needed to learn about getting traffic to my blog anyways, I should just take a break from this theme setup task and turn my attention to learning about traffic generation.

 Big mistake!

 Don't learn how to do step 9 or 10 until you have finished step one. Jumping around from task to task will only result in getting nothing accomplished!


To conquer procrastination, you must discover how it starts.


I did not want to let my son down again, so I knew I had to beat down procrastination and take my life back. I decided that the best way to do this was to determine how it originated.

 What happened when the learning curve got tough? What was the first thing that I started to do?


Once I asked the right questions, I started to get procrastination crushing answers!


Every time I hit a roadblock, I would do one of two things. I would check my emails, or I would surf the web.

 The sad thing is, I wouldn't just do it for 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes I would do it for hours.

 I would get wrapped up in an email promoting the latest WordPress plug-in. I would watch hour long webinars about traffic generation. I would waste time on websites checking the local weather.


This had to stop!


I discovered what my procrastination habits were, but how was I going to stop myself from participating in these goal killing activities?

 I learned that you must see a clear path to reaching your goal. If you don't see a clear path to achieving your goal, then you won't think that you can do it.


If you don't believe that you can accomplish something, you never will.


To solve this issue, I went from thinking big to thinking small.

 Did I really just say that? Oh yes, I did.

 I know I know, this goes against everything that you have been taught. You have been instructed to think big and have huge goals.

 The problem with this, is that if your goal is too big you will never get started. You'll be overwhelmed from the start.

 I learned that to see a clear path to reaching my goal, I had to cut down my goal into tasks that my mind believed I could accomplish.


I used the goal slashing technique.


I was becoming overwhelmed by my big goal of creating a blog. I had to slash this big goal down into small, easy to finish, bite sized pieces.

 These were my micro goals. This made it much easier for me to wrap my mind around what needed to be accomplished.


Your first micro goal needs to be so easy that a 5-year-old could do it.


Usually, the first step to completing a goal tends to be easy anyways, so write down this first task and get started on it immediately.

 Completing this first task will build confidence and give you momentum. Your mind must see you making progress.


Progress decreases overwhelm!


One easy first step to building a blog, is to purchase web hosting. That is easy, anyone can do it. Then you move on to completing the next micro goal.

 It could be installing WordPress, then picking an easy to use theme. This is where I messed up. I chose a difficult and hard to modify theme and the learning curve reared its ugly head and kept slapping me back.

 I felt like I had been transported into a game of "Sorry". My pawn would make it 90% of the way around the board, then BAM!! Something would happen and I would be bumped right back to start.


Don't make my mistake, keep it easy and your path will remain clear.


As you progress through these tasks, they will start to get harder. But your mind will believe that they are easier, because you have already completed some tasks.

 You've already proven to your subconscious mind that you mean business!


You must design your environment to prevent procrastination habits.


I was struggling, so I had to come up with some bad habit crushing techniques.

 I determined that my phone was a major distraction for me, so I turned off the ringer and the notifications. Then I put my phone on the other side of the room, so I wasn't tempted to look at it.

 This keeps me focused on the task at hand and helps prevent procrastination before it starts.


Procrastination habits can be sneaky and hard to identify.


Sometimes you don't even realize that you have these habits.

 They are the tiny little things that you do to distract yourself while working on a challenging goal or task.

 Here are some of the things that have held me back in the past:


  • Checking my email.
  • Responding to text messages.
  • Spending time on social media.
  • Surfing the Internet and wasting time on various websites.
  • Creating busy work for myself to engage in.


Does this sound familiar to you?


Before you start any new endeavor, you need to make a list of all the things that can stop you from achieving your goal.


Once you identify your motivation blockers and distractions, you need to construct a plan to demolish them.

 I have created a couple of action sheets that helped me do just that.


A distractions action sheet and a motivation blockers action sheet.


These action sheets helped me identify and eliminate my procrastination habits. This is how I got off the procrastination merry-go-round and finally completed my blog.


Go here to download these action sheets for free:


Use them to help eliminate your procrastination habits and finally achieve your challenging goals and tasks.


I did one more thing that was the icing on the cake for my motivation equation.


I had my son create a recording that said: "Daddy I believe in you"!


That one thing has had amazing results for me. Every time that I feel like taking a break from a difficult roadblock task, I listen to that recording and my heart fills with joy and determination.

 It's almost impossible to procrastinate after listening to that!

 I encourage you to do the same thing. Do you have children? Have them make a motivational recording for you. If not, have a loved one who you respect create the recording.

 Many times, these people are your reason why. By listening to the recording, it creates an instant kick in the butt!


I quickly learned that motivation is not a one-time event.


So, I am constantly creating new and innovative motivation, personal development and productivity techniques.

 I discovered that motivation and focus strategies are vital to achieving your goals.

 These strategies that I have created, changed me from a chronic procrastinator into a motivated goal achiever.


Most important of all, I no longer have to lie to my son.


One of the greatest days of my life was when he asked me: "Dad is your blog done today"? And on that day, I was finally able to say YES!